We hope our website is easy to use, but we're here to help if you need any assistance. Below is a list of the most common questions we get asked. If these frequently asked questions do not help, please do get in contact with us.

How does it work?

RoomBuddies allows users to place both room and room wanted adverts for free. These adverts can then be searched by landlords and room seekers, in the hope they find something suitable and make contact. By registering with RoomBuddies you can create an advert online and upload your own text and images.

Do I have to pay?

In short, no.

You are more than welcome to use RoomBuddies without parting with any money, however free accounts do have some limitations. A free account may only have one free room advert at any one time and the advert listings will be less visible in the search results.

By upgrading you can have a Bold advert which is much more visible in the search results, being bigger and higher up.

Can you find me a room to rent?

RoomBuddies is not an agency, instead we offer a website which allows people to place classified adverts and contact advertisers direct. Consider us as an introductory service; we will help you find rooms/tenants but we cannot vouch for the suitability of any enquiries, or indeed make any suggestions.

How can I search room adverts?

Searching for room adverts can be done by simply entering your desired location into the search box (there's one on the homepage) and clicking 'Search'. You may find that you get too many results, so we provide handy filters to refine your search and home in on that perfect match. You can also view the room adverts on a map, which is great if you have a specific area in mind or want to check local transport routes.

How can I search for new flatmates/tenants?

Searching for flatmates/tenants is a little different to rooms. Each room wanted advert specifies the areas they're interested in and we perform a reverse search based on their preferences. So when searching, the best bet is to enter the postcode of your room and the system will find all those flatmates looking in that area.

Saving favourite adverts

Rather than bookmarking all the adverts you're interested in or writing down their link, it's much easier to 'favourite' an advert. To save favourite adverts you must register with the website, then after this you can save as many adverts as you wish to your favourites and access them anytime you login.

Out of date adverts

We do our very best to try keep the adverts in our system current, but there will unfortunately always be one or two that are no longer available. We rely on our users to update their advert when it's no longer required, but with busy schedules this doesn't always happen. All free adverts expire after 30 days, at which point we ask the user if they would like to relist their advert. Bold adverts are given more of a grace period.

If you come across an advert you know is no longer current, you can report it to our team using the 'report advert' button and we will look into it and update the advert accordingly.

Create an advert

Creating an advert is as simple as typing into your computer. If you're not already registered with the website, the 'place an advert' page will help you do that also at the same time. Please enter your details as accurately as possible and if you can, upload a picture; pictures drastically increase response rate and can be easily uploaded from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Marking rooms as 'LET'

If you have an advert offering a single room, then simply turn the advert off when the room has been let. However, if your advert contains more than one room to rent, then you should edit your advert to update the status of the different rooms. Simply browse to your advert and click 'Edit' when logged-in.

How many free adverts can I have?

You can have as many 'room wanted' adverts as you desire, but each account is limited to a single free 'room' advert. We ask our users to not abuse the system by creating multiple accounts to by-pass this limitation. Anyone caught being cheeky and trying to cheat the system will be dealt with by our scary MD! (joke, he's not really that scary! Sorry boss!!)

Why should I upgrade to a Bold advert?

Not only will you get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you're supporting RoomBuddies and helping us pay our bills, but you'll get lots of great features which will allow you to find a new tenant/room fast. Your advert will be bolder and more visible in the search, you'll be able to upload multiple images and even a video.

How do Featured Ads work?

Featured Ads give you that little bit extra exposure, which could make all the difference. Your advert will be shown at the top of the search results in our highly visible featured ad slots. Featured adverts are quite exclusive and so in many search areas you will dominate the results!

How do I contact an advertiser?

You can contact an advertiser either by messaging them or by telephone. You need to be registered to message an advertiser, but you can do this at the same time as sending the message. To see telephone numbers you will also need to be registered, this is to protect our users from junk phonecalls and the like. We also track which users requested the telephone number from your advert to help us keep you safe.

Do I have to pay to send a message?

No! You can contact all adverts. However, please be aware we monitor the messaging system for spamming, so please be sensible and only contact the adverts you are truly interested in.

Why can't I just email the advertiser?

Part of our service is to try keep our users safe. If we gave out email addresses then we have no way of monitoring for frausters or other nasty people. So we force all messages to be sent through our system so we can detect any issues. And the other reason is we don't want our users email addresses being added to SPAM lists! We hate spammers as much as you do...

What do you do to prevent frausters contacting me?

Over the years we have become aware of the traits a typical frauster has and our automated systems have been designed to alert us of any messages which trigger these flags. We will review these messages before they are sent out, and also randomly select messages to moderate to be extra safe. So if your message is delayed, chances are it's because it's hit our moderation system.

How do you prevent frausters?

All adverts are moderated by our (human) team and messages which are triggered by our systems are reviewed by our team before they are sent out. Our filters are continually being adjusted to improve our accuracy, and although we think we do a good job of filtering out these nasty characters, there will always be the chance one slips the net - so be sure to read our guides on how to keep safe online.

Are my personal details safe?

We use secure pages (SSL) for all personal data which you send to us. This means all your data is encrypted and cannot be intercepted before reaching us. Our servers are hosted behind secure firewalls and are tested daily for security issues.

Are my payment details safe?

All payments made to RoomBuddies are taken by our third-party payment gateways. We use BraintreePayments for credit card payments as well as PayPal. BraintreePayments and PayPal are both fully PCI compliant and offer the highest level of security available for taking payment details online.

Do you share my email address with other companies?

Definitely not. We really do not like spammers and we'll only ever use your email address to update you with RoomBuddies related information. Example emails include new matching advert alerts, password reset emails, message alerts, etc. Oh and maybe the odd newsletter, but we promise to keep these fairly infrequent.

How do I turn off my email alerts?

Email alerts are associated with your adverts, so to turn off alerts you can either edit your advert and disable alerts, or turn off your advert. Each email also contains a handy link to turn them off, simples.

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

There will be a link in each email we send to unsubscribe, but you can also unsubscribe by logging into your account and editing your profile details.

How do I disable/delete my account?

We'll be sorry to see you go, but you can disable or turn off your advert by contacting support. We don't offer an automated system for this at present, as we wish to review an account before it is deleted for your safety.