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Hi there, I'm an actor/singer/songwriter/writer who is looking for a large modern room in a friendly house or flatshare. I'm pretty easy going and enjoy a sometimes wicked, sometimes silly sense of humour, but also have quite strong views on many issues, so I enjoy good debate too. I enjoy the gym, cycling, swimming, film and TV (mostly Netflix) and am not adverse to trying out new things.

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This is my third flatmate that I have found using the site. Its the best money you can spend because you are guaranteed to find someone. My experiences to date have all been positive, Jane.
I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful service,this is the best service when trying to find a new home, well done to the team. EXCELLENT! Gareth.
Brilliant site and it works! Submit your details and within a day, details were coming through, and 90% of the time, the rooms fitted my criteria. It took only 5 visits before I found the room I wanted. Thank you.