Assistance for Landlords

At times being a landlord can be stressful, which is why there are a number of companies out there that attempt to take some of strain out of it.

Chartered Surveyors

Chartered surveyors can advise potential landlords whether a particular property is going to be a good investment in the rental market. They take into account the industry trends, property prices of the local area and other variables that may have an effect on success of making a profit. It is often best to find a local chartered surveyor as they will have a better knowledge of the local area and market, these can be sourced by contacting the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or searching on Google.

A chartered surveyor can also provide legal advice prior and during a tenancy.

Letting Agents

Although typically associated with full property lettings, there are a number of letting agents that will deal flat and house share landlords too. The role of a letting agent is to find suitable tenants on the landlord’s behalf as well as deal with any issues that a tenant may have during their tenancy. A recurring monthly fee is charged and in return it is their responsibility to liaise with tenants on the landlords behalf. Some letting agents will also offer management services where they take full control of the maintenance and organising any repairs that the property requires.