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Amenities (household)

A feature within the household that provides comfort or convenience, e.g. downstairs bathroom, central heating.

Amenities (local)

Nearby services for your use, e.g. shops, park, pubs.

Alternative dispute resolution

The collective term given to out of court resolutions between two parties. An independent third party (arbitrator) will act as a go between.

Assured shorthold tenancy

Renting a property for a defined period of time, normally six months. At the end of this time, the landlord can choose whether to renew the contract or ask the tenant to leave.

Assured tenancy

Renting a property indefinitely, until the landlord wants you to leave.


Someone that works as an intermediary between two parties (landlord and tenants typically in renting disputes) to find a resolution to a problem as opposed to going to court.

Agreement (tenancy)

A written or verbal contract between the landlord and tenants outlining each others rights and obligations during the tenancy.

Accidental damage insurance

Insurance offered by most insurers for accidental damage to someone’s possessions or property.


RoomBuddies uses adverts for people looking to rent a room to promote themselves and for landlords looking to rent spare rooms in house and flat shares.

Agent (letting)

Letting agents advertise properties that are available for rent and are the point of contact for tenants. They work on behalf of a landlord.