Tenants advertising tips

Take your time when entering a description

When looking for a room, we ask you to fill out a profile about yourself and what house share you are looking for.

This information is used to find your ideal room, and it is what people with rooms to rent will see when searching. It is important to take your time and be specific about your requirements as this will ensure you are matched with suitable properties.

Sell yourself

When entering a description, remember that people will be reading this and deciding if you are their kind of flatmate. Be honest about yourself. Give some details about your hobbies and interests and your lifestyle choices. The more information you give, the more information people have to make a decision as to whether you are the right person for their property.

Add a picture

People always wonder why adding a picture helps… it’s not a dating site after all! Adding an image will make your advert stand out and statistics prove that you are three times more likely to find a housemate or flatmate by adding a picture. It will also give people looking at your advert an insight into what you are like.

Double room?

A common misunderstanding is the term "double room". If you are a couple looking for a room then don't assume that a double room is for two people as this normally just refers to the room size.

If you are unsure, then contact the person and ask if they will allow two people to share the room and if the costs remain the same.

House viewing

If you are lucky enough to make it onto a landlord’s short list of possible housemates and you are asked to attend a house viewing, we recommend you take a friend or family member with you. Not only is it safer, but it's also good to have a second pair of eyes when looking around and meeting new people.

Moving day

You have found a new house to live in so make sure you understand what's required of you in your new home. Read through your tenancy agreement and itinerary carefully. Be sure to request a receipt for your deposit and keep all your paperwork in a safe place.