About us

RoomBuddies came about when Glenn came upon hard times. He’d lost his job and had only just bought his first house and also a new car! Although confident about landing a new job, extra cash would be very welcome especially in the short-term. So he set about advertising his spare room. Glenn was very used to flatsharing, having done it since starting university and had made many life-long friends through the process. But this was the first time he found himself on the other side of the fence – having to rent a room.

After using some of the flatshare websites available at the time, he became quite frustrated at how difficult they were to use. So Glenn along with Simon (his pal from university) set about creating a new flatsharing website - and RoomBuddies was born.

We have come a long way

The original RoomBuddies website launched in 2006 and instantly became a popular flatsharing website. The site was basic, but was simple to use and soon became a regular favourite of landlords and flatmates all over the UK.

Following on from this we felt we should ‘upgrade’ the website with the latest web technology. Unfortunately this ‘improvement’ wasn’t as good as it should have been. Rather than focus on user experience, we shoved as many cool web technologies in as we could and in all honesty, probably made the website worse.

So after destroying our lovely website (OK, maybe not destroying!) we sat down and planned Version 3 of RoomBuddies. A website which put the user experience first and everything else second.

The ‘all new’ RoomBuddies

So now we find ourselves with a great new website which we are dedicated to making the best we can. We’ve used the latest technology, but this time to create a great user experience, not just for the sake of it. We have many great new features we can’t wait to rollout in the near future and are committed to promoting the site all across the UK.

We hope you love the ‘new’ RoomBuddies as much as we do and we welcome all your feedback.

"The original RoomBuddies website launched in 2006 and instantly became a popular flatsharing website..."

Simon & Glenn