House Share Hacks: How To Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

3rd June, 2016

Finding new ways to store all of your possessions whilst trying to maintain a spacious room is a constant battle.

When living with other tenants in shared accommodation, your bedroom becomes your own haven where you can properly relax and enjoy some time to yourself which is why it’s important that you’re making the most of the space, even if your room is on the smaller side.

There are plenty of very quick and easy ways for you to maximise the space of your room which you might not have thought about before, therefore, if your room is in need of a little revamp to help use the space as effectively as possible, here’s how you can do it.

Use lighter colours on the walls and floor

One of the most common ways to try and maximise the space in a smaller room is to incorporate a lighter colour on the walls and floor.

Whilst you might not have the flexibility to be able to paint the walls in your shared accommodation, if you’re thinking about purchasing a nice new rug for the floor, you might want to think again about using a darker coloured rug as this could make the aesthetics of the room appear to be smaller than it actually is.

That said, rugs can also be a great way to separate the room into smaller spaces, therefore making the appearance of the room look more spacious.

Try transparent furniture

Clear glass vases or lampshades, as well as transparent plastic chairs or tables, are another great tool for expanding the space in your room by giving the appearance that the room is larger than it actually is.

Head to Pinterest to check out a number of fantastic transparent lighting solutions for a stylish and spacious look.

Use furniture with exposed legs and space underneath

Another great way to create a more spacious-looking room is to try and opt for furniture which shows the space underneath it by exposing the furniture legs.

Whether it’s a bedside cabinet, chest of draws, sofa or bed, if you find yourself with the option of choosing what furniture you would like to use in your room, then ensuring that the furniture legs are uncovered is a must!

Use tactically placed mirrors

Have you ever been in a shop or restaurant with lots of mirrors of the walls? It’s amazing how you can be quickly fooled into thinking that the room is much bigger than it actually is.

Therefore, to help create an illusion that your room is more spacious strategically placed mirrors across from windows helps to reflect the light and make the room appear much larger according to BuzzFeed’s tips for making a smaller room look bigger.

De-clutter window sills

Dark coloured drapes and curtains, as well as the other trinkets which you might keep on your window sills such as photo frames, birthday cards, plants etc. aren’t doing very much at all to help maximise the space in your room.

Try clearing your window sills and even keep your windows free from curtains if possible. This will ‘trick your eyes into thinking that your pad’s got depth – and reveal the natural landscape outside’ as quoted in The Everygirl’s blog.

Look for hidden storage space

Rather than purchasing more furniture in order to store your possessions which will make the room look even more cluttered and consequently smaller, try and use your existing furniture and other items around the room to store your things out of sight.

For instance, the space underneath your bed or wardrobe can often be a great place to keep storage boxes with your things tucked away.

Another top tip to help de-clutter the appearance of your room is that although it’s perhaps very tempting to leave your keys, purse, earphones or other essentials you use out on the surface, try putting all these little bits and bobs into a draw or purchase a decorative box to store these little items.

Draw the eyes upwards with high shelves

Another great tactic for both making the room appear larger, as well to create more space for your belongings is to add bookshelves higher up on the walls.

Style Caster says that it won’t only expand the height of the ceiling, but is also a fantastic storage space too.

Colour co-ordinate knickknacks

A very quick and easy tip to make your possessions appear more organised, structured and overall help to make the room appear bigger is to coordinate your bits and bobs or books into categories of colour, size or type.

Arranging your belongings in this way quickly helps to streamline your items for a neater and sleeker appearance.

As you can see, there are lots of very quick and easy ways to help increase and make the most of the space available to you. Remember to bear in mind that if you’re wanting to start moving furniture around or introduce new changes into your accommodation, it’s always advisable to speak to your landlord first before implementing any changes.