Just For Fun

19 Types Of Housemate We’ve All Encountered

17th May, 2016

We’ve all lived with a range of different personalities either at university or in a house share and there’s a good chance you’ve lived with at least one of the 19 types of housemate we’ve pictured below! Which have you…

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10 Top Tips For Dealing With A Nasty Landlord

16th May, 2016

A nasty landlord is every tenant’s worst nightmare. To help dispel it, here are ten top tips for dealing with a nasty landlord.  Keep Your Cool It can be immensely difficult to keep your cool when dealing with a nasty…

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Just For Fun

Have You Been Pronouncing These 30 British Place Names Wrong?

12th May, 2016

Whilst we offer rooms to rent in every corner of the UK, from London to Leicester and pretty much everywhere else in-betweem, we also enjEnglish is an old and consequently complex language. Hence, it is not uncommon to hear many…

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House Sharing

House Share Hacks Every Student Needs to Know

1st May, 2016

For the majority of students, one of the most exciting things about heading to university is the chance to move away from home and live with a group of friends. Whether it’s in halls, private accommodation or a house share,…

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